CARTOTECNICA S.A. established in 1968 firstly as a personal company and further changed to S.A. as exists today. It is a family business.

But we could find the roots of the company in 1903 with the first imports from Factory PELICAN of Germany .

Today CARTOTECNICA S.A. has a strong presence in the field of GIFT – TOBACCO – OUTDOOR ARTICLES.

The modern understanding, the perfect organized department of research and development, the capable with perfect training personnel, have created the necessary circumstances so today CARTOTECNICA S.A. is the leading company in its field.

The severe & contemporary procedures of receiving & handling of our orders and the respect to the customer has a result for CARTOTECNICA S.A. of having now the 6.500 customers in all Greece, which they visit our 6 salesmen at least 5 times annually..

Our Company is accommodated in privately-owned installations in Thessaloniki (1500 sq.m.) and Athens (300 sq.m.)

CARTOTECNICA S.A. distributes today in Greek Market 7.000 articles thru 10 official Representations. The most important are the following :

• ZIPPO Usa Lighters, Pens, Accessories.
• KONUS Italia Binoculars, Telescopes, Optical instruments, microscopes, Compasses.
• PELI Usa Flashlights, watertight/ diving.
• HADSON Japan Lighters.
• CROWN Korea Lighters etc.


Our excellent Service dept. is a guarantee for all CARTOTECNICA’s products

The Company’s Headquarters located in Thessaloniki phone +30 2310 526850, we have also a very well organized Branch in Athens (phone +30 210 7246164 )

Yours sinerely,

P. Panagopoulou
Managing Director