CARTOTECNICA S.A. established in 1968 firstly as a personal company and later evolved to S.A. as still operates today. It is a family business. The roots of the company can be found back in 1903 with the first imports from PELICAN factory in Germany. Nowadays, CARTOTECNICA S.A. has a strong presence in the field of GIFT – TOBACCO – OUTDOOR items.

The modern processes, the R&D department, the experienced executives and personnel, have prepared the ground for CARTOTECNICA S.A. to be today a leading company in the market.

The procedures in receiving & handling orders and the communication with the customers resulted to 6.500 accounts in Greece. Our company’s salesmen are visiting them 5 times annually.

Our company is accommodated in privately-owned installations in Thessaloniki (1500 sq.m.) and Athens (300 sq.m.)

CARTOTECNICA S.A. distributes today in the Greek Market 7.000 articles in cooperation with 15 Western factories, from which the most popular are the following:

  • ZIPPO (USA): Lighters, pens, watches, leather goods, candles, glasses, accessories.
  • KONUS (Italy): Binoculars, telescopes, timers, microscopes, compasses.
  • FLAMINAIR (Paris): Lighters, knives, tobacco accessories, gift items.
  • LAGUIOLE (France): Knives.
  • MAX VIEW (France): Sunglasses & reading glasses.
  • RONSON (UK): Lighters, Tobacco accessories.
  • VICTORINOX (Swiss): Knives, multi-tools.
  • ΗΟΚΑΥ (China): Shisha.
  • PELI (USA): Φακοί αδιάβροχοι/καταδύσεων.
  • HADSON (Japan): Αναπτήρες, είδη καπνιστού, είδη δώρων.
  • MCM (Germany): Αναπτήρες.
  • VECTOR (USA): Αναπτήρες.
  • CROWN (Korea): Αναπτήρες.
  • CATERPILLAR (USA): Μαχαίρια, Πολυεργαλεία, Φακοί.

The Company’s Headquarters is located in Thessaloniki (p: +30 2310 526850), while our Branch office is in Athens (p: +30 210 7246164 ). Our Service dept. is a guarantee for all CARTOTECNICA’s items.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Tzitzilis
                                                                                                                        Managing Director